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Charis Circle recruits volunteer board members from a broad cross-section of Atlanta feminist communities. If you are interested in serving on the Charis Circle Board or as part of one of our board’s volunteer committees, please send a letter of introduction to

Specific responsibilities differ among various board members, but all are equal members of the board with equal and shared responsibility for the vision and mission and funding of Charis Circle.


Charis Circle has two staff members, Executive Director, Errol "E.R." Anderson, and Assistant Director, Dartricia Rollins. 


Charis Circle offers unpaid internships to people of all ages and experience levels. Although we give priority to Agnes Scott College students. You do not need to be a currently enrolled student to have an internship at Charis. The minimum age for interns is 13. There is no maximum age. An internship at Charis Circle can be tailored to fulfill a credit requirement or may be completed for your personal enrichment. 

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