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Tel: 1-404-524-0304

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Charis Circle is located inside Charis Books:

184 S. Candler St. 

Decatur, GA 30030





Frequently Asked Questions:


I wrote a book. I want you to stock it. I want to do a reading at Charis. What do I do?  

  • Step One: Get Your Book in the Store: Thank you for your interest in sharing your work at Charis. We are glad you found us. If you want us to stock your book and/or you want us to host a book-related event in our space that we will sponsor and publicize through Charis Circle we need to first agree to carry your book. Please send a succinct email and--in the body of the email-- say what the book is about and why you think it is a good fit for our feminist bookstore. In your email, please tell her how your book is distributed. What this means is we need to know if your book is published by a major publisher, if it is an academic press book, or if you self-published it and are either distributing it yourself or via a major distributor like Ingram (and if it is sold with a regular discount and returnable). A friendly word of advice, is not an independent distributor, they are our competition and we will frown at you if you suggest we can just "buy your book on Amazon." Once Sara has established that your book is a good fit, she will either order it from the distributor or publisher or will suggest a consignment arrangement. We generally only do consignment from local authors and do not do consignment through the mail. Books must have the title and author on the spine.

  • About Consignment: I am local to Atlanta and I self-published my book. Can I have my book in Charis? Yes! We are happy to work with local self-published authors whose books fit our general mission. For local authors we offer a standard 60/40 consignment deal where the author sets the price of the book and gets 60% of the sale and we keep 40% of the sale and pay the sales tax on the book. We sign a contact either for 90 days (renewable) or on a per event basis and we pay you for sold books within approximately 30 days of the end of the consignment period.  

  • So my book is in your store. Now how do I book a reading/signing/event? 
    Send an email via the contact form on this page to E.R. Anderson and share your idea for your book reading/signing/event. Please include information about your book and confirm that it is available (or soon to be available at Charis Books.) E.R. will get back to you to talk through the best place to fit your event into the flow of the calendar. Sometimes that might be a signing, sometimes it might be as a feature for our monthly open mic (especially good if you are a poet or more experimental fiction writer), or it might be a stand alone event if you have a skill to teach or can present your material in a more workshop style format. We generally book 2 months out, but things can occasionally be squeezed in for out of town guests. We don't pay performers but we will do what we can to help suggesting other gigs in conjunction with Charis that might help pay for travel, etc if you aren't local. 

  • I don't have a book but I have a skill, idea, etc, that I want to share at Charis. Is that okay? Yes! You don't have to be a published author or have a degree to share your knowledge at Charis. Contact us via the form on this page with an idea of what you might like to do and we can help you shape it into a talk that will work will in the Charis community. Keep in mind that all of our events tend to run no more than 2 hours so your idea needs to be manageable or a multi part series. 

  • Now my program is booked I am so excited. What should I do? We will create social media pages for your event but you should invite your friends, co-workers, and fans. Share the event on social media and in your various communities. Remember us when you are rich and famous. Tell everyone you got your start at Charis. :)

  • I want to rent Charis for a private event/party/wedding. Do y'all do that? Right now our calendar is pretty full with regular events but we are always open to hearing about special event opportunities. Please email with your ideas. 

  • My organization would like to partner with Charis Books or Charis Circle on a project or event out in the community, how do I do that? Great! Please email to talk about what you have in mind.

  • I am an Agnes Scott College student, faculty, or staff member and I would like to partner on a campus event.
    Please email



Thanks for being in touch! We'll get back to you soon.

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